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Hi everyone,

It would appear that Ontario's social distancing plan will still be in place at the end of this month, so it may be necessary that we may cancel the upcoming May events.  The next couple weeks should give the authorities time to re-evaluate the COVID threat.  We will be utilizing a mobile way to facilitate an "in-car" safety/drivers meeting.   There is no need to violate social distancing as you will be driving your own car.    Team Touge will be working very hard for next month to find and correct any weaknesses in this operational plan.  We acknowledge that the events might still end up being cancelled, but we owe it to you to be prepared, should we be allowed to go ahead.  We're willing to put in all of the effort so that you can enjoy our limited events as soon as safely possible.

2020 Track Events  


- April 26th Sunday @ Cayuga TMP Track 5pm - 8:30pm (Cancelled)

- May 3rd Sunday @ Mosport DDT 10:30am - 5pm (Cancelled)

- May 18th Victoria Long weekend "Monday" @ Mosport new DDT 10:30am - 5pm (Cancelled)
- May 24th Sunday @ Cayuga TMP Track 5pm - 9pm (Photos)

- May 31st Sunday @ Shannonville Full Track 5 - 8:30pm (Photos)


- June 6th Saturday @ Shannonville Full Track 5:30 - 9pm - Photos 

- June 7th Sunday @ Mosport new DDT 10:30 am - 5 pm - Photos

- June 14th Sunday 1:30 - 3:30pm Goodwood Gokarts private event - Photos

- June 21st Sunday @ Cayuga TMP Track 5pm - 9pm - Photos

June 27th Sunday 5 - 7pm Goodwood Gokarts private event 
- June 28th Sunday @ Shannonville Full Track 5:30 pm - 9 pm - Photos & Videos


- July 5th Sunday @ Shannonville Full Track 5:30pm - 8:30pm - Photos & Videos

- July 12th Sunday @ Mosport new DDT 10:30am - 5pm - Photos & Videos
- July 26th Sunday @ Shannonville Full Track 5:30pm - 9pm - Photos & Videos 


- August 2nd Sunday 1 - 3pm Goodwood Gokarting event - Photos and Videos

- August 3rd Long weekend "Monday" @ Mosport new DDT 10:30am - 5pm 

- August 16th Sunday @ Shannonville Full Track 5:30pm - 9pm  
- August 23rd Sunday @ Cayuga TMP Track 5pm - 9pm
- August 30th Sunday @ Shannonville Full Track 5:30pm - 9pm


- September 7th Long weekend "Monday" @ Mosport new DDT 10:30am - 5pm  

- September 13th Sunday @ Cayuga TMP Track 4pm - 8pm  

- Outdoor karting event TBA
- September 27th Sunday @ Cayuga TMP Track 4pm - 8pm 


October 12th Thanksgiving Longwkend "Monday" @ Mosport new DDT 10:30am - 5pm   

- October 18th Sunday @ Shannonville Full Track 10:30pm - 6pm  
- Season Finale - October 25th Sunday @ Mosport new DDT 10:30am - 5pm  


Kindly Email to reserve your spot or question about the track events, please include your info below

- Your First and Last name
- Contact: your Phone #
- Email: your email address
- Emergency contact name and phone#:
- License plate #:
- I drive a (car year, model, color)!
- Track experience: Advance, Intermediate, Novice or First time (Need instructor)
- I want to drive my car at the track on (e.g. May 24th).


Please see Track Info for the track maps and configuration

Safety and Flags please read this before you come to the track